The Great Tip To optimise Search Engine for free

How to Optimize search engine Free

The Free ways of search engine optimization is very important these days.Many people are searching for search engine optimization.They want their website to get listed in the top result.Search Engine is the most important source of traffic.About 80% of the traffic of usual websites are search engine.Due to the great list of competitions it is very difficult to get top in the search engines.May be you have a very useful information that you want to share with everyone and may be someone is searching for the same product you are providing.Your site may be very important and useful to the searchers and you will get visitors too.But this is only possible if the searcher finds you in the search engines.To get ranked higher in the search engines and get a lot of targeted visitors to your site you must consider some precautions that gets you top in the engine.It is practically known that most of the searchers just click in the top 3 results in the search engine.About 80 percent of the clicks goes to the top 3 results in the search engine.To get listed in the search engines in top,your post or page should be search engine Friendly.You must Optimize your web page for search engine so that you will be able to list your site in the top.Search engine uses some bases that are responsible to find the websites.Its not the human that finds the search result,its all machines that finds the Websites in the searches.So it is important to fulfill all the criteria for the search to get listed in the search engines in the top.
Here I will provide some of the ways to get Listed top in the search engine:

First to start,you must submit the web page to the search engines.You must submit the websites to as many search engines and Directory listings.Before listing the web page be sure your site is well formed because search engines hates web page under construction and you may have a bad impression with Search engines.

Second you must have a Metatag in your web page(Know more about Metatag and How to install in webpage click here).Your metatag should be best that describes your website best.You target two keywords(best) for each page.Your website keyword should start with less competitive Keywords when you start.You can check the keyword competitions in google adwords keyword checking tool.When your page gets popular you can change the keyword to competitive one to increase the traffic.Be sure not to change the keywords very frequently.Also your site description in the description must between 100-200 characters.

You must use h1,h2,h3 tags in your titles as search engines also looks for these tags in the search

To optimize your search engine ranking,You must optimize your page content or your page body.The page body must contain the keywords suppose if your page keyword is Free sms in Nepal.Be sure to repeat the same word in body body content.Dont make the frequency of repeat too high.Repeating the keywords twice or thrice in the body content is good but repeating it more often is not good.Make sure to put this tag in bold or italics because search engine loves it.

Search engines mostly looks for the back links.Provided the large number of back inks, there is most chance of you to get in the top.So be sure to visit other sites that is related with your contents and leave contents with a back link of your page.Backlink is a link back to your site.More the back link more is the chance to get good result.So comment more give more backlinks and get in top

Other thing to remember is to make your content unique as well as important.Just be creative and try some unique posts so that there is less competition and you get in the top.

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