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Setting Preferred domain www vs non WWW which is best ?

There may be question on setting up a preferred domain and which one would be better for SEO. However I would say both of them is okay and you could use anyone, however be sure you make a redirect.

What I mean is if you choose www then redirect all your non www to www, this will help you pass a link juice.

I have been working for my new site that helps in free image hosting in the internet and I have implemented all my tricks there as well.

You need to pass a 301 redirect in order for a proper SEO. It can be done by adding following code in your .htaccess file.

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\.
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L]
The code above will redirect every non wwws to www.

How to Choose ?

Usually I check which of these two are more indexed and I go with the one which is highly indexed.

For my case, in my affordable website design packages site,  I checked and found that my home page was ranked for WWW, so I choosed www as preferred domain in Google webmaster tools, added a htaccess code to redirect all my non wwws to the wwws.


Send Free sms Now

Try these Simple Three Steps to send 5 Sms free to any number.

Step 1:Log in To your Facebook account

Step 2:Copy all the text in the Red Highlight

I was really shocked to know that this works.I sent 5 sms free today and want you to send.Try this to send 5 free sms to any country.

Step 3:Paste it to wall of any 5 of your facebook friends

When you will complete these steps,fill up the form and click claim to get a link to send 5 free sms

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You can just send the sms 5 times a day.You can repeat the same step the other day to again get 5 free sms to any number in world.

You can Post Your problems if any at the facebook Group


How much is Picture Needed in Blog Posts?

How much is Picture Needed in Blog Posts

How important is Graphic for a wesite

Graphics are very much important for a website.Here I am dealing with some of the use for images on a website.Images plays an essential role on a website.There are many importance of images on a website.
Placing graphic in your website makes your website look attractive and this will increase impression of your website in your visitor's view.A good looking website is always liked by visitors.Graphic not only makes your website look good but there are some other use of graphic too.It helps to increase traffic to your website.Placing a website and giving it a name with alt tags makes it visible in image search and you will get additional traffic to your website.Graphics also helps to give you a good and improved search engine result.Naming graphics according to your title will increase your ranking in google or any other search engines.Alt tags are used to name images and it helps to increase search engine use images as much as possible in website.
For blog users,use at least an image for each blog post and name the image with the alt tag same as the title of your post.This will increase your blog post visibility in search engine ranking.So use an image for each blog post and feel its importance.


Increase Number of Views of Your Youtube Video

This is a trick on how to increase Youtube Videos number of views.Number of views palys a great role which may be not known to you.Number of views determines how popular is the video.More is the view,more is the video popular and more Popular is the video,more chances of it to appear in related video lists or suggestion lists which further increase the video views and makes it more popular.So there is a question how to increase the views at initial stages?Here is a great idea to increase your youtube video view.
There is a good way to increase video views.This can be done with the help of traffic exchange program and one of them is easyhits4u.Easyhits4u is traffic exchange program.You view others website and get credits for that.This credit can be used to drive traffic to your own web page.So if you assign your youtube video URL as your web page than your video views will increase.

6/7/10|My best way to get Backlinks

Link Exchange Site For Website Owners

Linkmarket best website for link exchange
I got a good way for getting backlink to your website.This is a link exchange program.This requires exchange of links i.e you will place a link of other website to your website and they will place a link to you in them. This will help you to get a number of backlinks directing to your website.This is a great effective way to get a number of backlinks to your website.Link exchange is the best way to get a number of backlinks to web pages for bloggers.You place your link and you will be getting a backlink to your website.This is also called two way backlink.Two way backlink can be done by request to website owners which is a long process.There are some of the websites that are made for link exchange itself.This makes link exchange easier.There are numerous websites that offers link exchange but the best for me is LINKMARKET.
Linkmarket is a website build for link exchange.This makes the exchange of links easier.With this you are provided with three easy steps for linkexchange.Step 1 is to request for linkexchange,step 3 is to put the link in your website and step 3 is to wait for your link to be added.You neednot find the websites for linkexchange here where others members will find you and offer you exchange.This is an ideal way for linkexchange.Just et a good number of backlinks with linkmarket.Any other good websites you want to refer,please comment below.Sharing knowledge increases Tallent.Thankyou


Alexa Ranking Factors

Alexa Webpage Ranking Factors

alexa ranking factors
I have collected some ranking factors for Alexa.May be this is not true but this is according to survey in many of the sites.Alexa ranks websites and many people check theirking alexa ranking and here are some ranking factors of alexa.Check out how alexa ranks websites.
  • Alexa usually ranks websites by the number of visitors to their sites i.e number of visitor is proportional to alexa ranking.More the visitors,more is the alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also Checks inlinks for the websites to rank them.More is the backlink more is alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also looks for search engine reputation to rank the websites.Good is the ranking in search engine,good is alexa ranking.
  • Alexa also checks for the site reviews in alexa for their rankings.
  • Alexa also checks how much is the site searched in alexa for their rankings.

There are also some ways to increase alexa ranking.You can increase alexa rankings by downloading the alexa tool bar and visiting your website with the help of tool bar.You can also increase alexa ranking by leaving backlinks to many other sites or you can pay something to to get good alexa ranking


Increase Page Rank with the Use of Youtube.

Youtube increases Website Page Rank

This is a great idea of getting a good backlink from a high PR page in order to get a good page rank.This may be a little bit amazing to hear that with the help of youtube you can get a backlink from a page equivalent to page rank 8 or less.You can get good backlink with your site if you are able to promote youtube video.This is possible but may be little amusing but to be sure you need not work hard to get backlink from youtube but may take time.
To get a backlink from high PR page from youtube,your video must be popular first.The popular videos are shared and embed by others to increase the page rank of your video page.If you post a link of your website in description of your youtube video,you will be able to get a backlink from your video page.So more is the page rank of your video page,more is the benefit to you.
You may be wondering about the difficulties on getting high page ranks for your video page.This is very much easy and you need to do nothing to get page rank for yoour video page.If your video is very much informative and useful for your viewers,they will share it in their website and posts.So more is the video important,more will be the page rank of your video page and you can get backlink from high PR page.I will show you with the pages with high PR in Youtube:

You may check the page rank of these pages,they are 6,7,8.The uploder of this video may not have thought about this much high page rank and they didnot do anything to increase this page rank.These videos are useful for users so they embed it to their website and the video pages got a high page rank.So If you are also able to upload something useful,it will gain popularity as well as page rank and if you put a link to your page in its description,you will get a strong backlink.
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